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LSVINA Cable & System JSC
Opened: 1 month 22 days 19 hours ago

Low voltage, Medium voltage, high voltage cables, control cable, Overhead line, Fire resistant cable

Code: 85446011

Established since 1996, LS VINA Cable & System is the cable manufacturer of overhead conductors, low voltage cables upto 1kV, medium voltage cables upto 40.5kV, high voltage underground cables upto 230kV, building wires, Solar cable, bare conductor of aluminum and copper, high current capacity conductors, OPGW.

We also manufacture cables with special characteristics like water tight, flame retardant halogen free and fire resistant, anti-termite, anti-rodent, oil proof, instrument cable which satisfies requirements of all customers.

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Oversea Business Division/LS-VINA Cable & System JSC

Mobile: +84 (0) 904.480.648/Email: pdd@lsvina.com

Website: www.lsvinacns.vn


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